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What we do

We are an independent non-governmental organisation advocating for recognition of the Druze ethnic minority through research, education and legal reform activism in Europe and beyond. Established as a Druze-led NGO in Germany, is committed to securing minority rights worldwide for the Druze, an endangered, indigenous people whose faith incorporates tenets from monotheistic religions, Greek philosophy, and Hinduism. The fundamental Druze philosophy is rooted in the concepts of peace and preserving the balance between humans and the natural environment.

We believe that debates about the past, present and future of the Druze should be shaped and informed by the Druze themselves. To this end, works with a broad range of international activists and like-minded organisations to ensure the preservation of Druze identity and rights.

Our campaigns

  • In the spirit of solidarity and mutual respect, we want to build a broad coalition of activists advocating for ethnic minorities expelled or forced to leave their native regions. There is an urgent need for a common platform aimed at preventing the genocide of people and ideas.
  • We want to achieve recognition for the Druze as a distinct ethnic minority in Germany, and to secure the existence of the Druze as an independent group in Europe. We offer legal assistance to ethnic and religious refugee minorities, including the Druze, Yazidis, LGBTQ, and others. We also design educational empowerment programmes with a special focus on children’s and women’s rights.
  • In the states where the Druze are indigenous citizens, we campaign for equal civil rights, and promote empowerment projects through the development of renewable and sustainable clean energy.
  • We want to establish a global forum for Druze around the world to enable communication across borders, initiate academic research and publishing to encourage interreligious dialogue, and encourage Druze creativity and self-expression through art and culture.


February 8, 2021